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SKFitness Nicaragua Retreat: 8 Days

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The SKFitness retreat will take place on the remote paradise beach of Playa Escameca at the 'Breathe in Life' Sanctuary, Casa Horizon, which is a part of the Costa Dulce Retreat Centre. It's the type of place that most people dream of encountering while traveling.  Surrounded by nature reserve, the pristine beach is long and wide and enclosed by cliffs at either end. There are surf breaks all along the beach, and phenomenal sunsets over the Pacific. 

Far from the sounds of honking horns, you will wake up to the sounds of birds chirping and waves crashing. It’s a natural paradise, and you're less than 100 steps to having your toes in the sand. The retreat center has two swimming pools, 3 yoga/fitness studios, many hammocks, and a restaurant where we will be eating all of our delicious and healthy meals. There's also a turtle nursery that rescues eggs from the beach and helps more than 30,000 baby turtles to the ocean yearly! (Hopefully, we'll see a turtle release while we're there!)

Watch this video below of the incredible retreat centre we'll call home for a week. (Turn on sound, and put it to full screen!)

The retreat will be led by the founder of SKFitness Samantha Knibbs along with her two facilitators Ashley and Laurie. We are excited to bring a group together on the SKFitness retreat, where we will be offering mindset workshops, workouts and yoga sessions, as well as other excursions, and soaking up all that this wonderful location and retreat center has to offer.


  • Day 1   (Casa Horizon)

    Catch our private transport from the airport to our paradise beach to start our one-week retreat together. The first evening will allow you to get settled into the hotel, get to know our group, enjoy the beach, soak up a sunset, and enjoy some delicious meals!

  • Day 2   (Casa Horizon)

    We'll start the day with a morning workout and end the day with our first mindset workshop (each workshop 1-2 hours). The day is open for soaking up our infinity pool.

  • Day 3   (Casa Horizon)

    We'll start the day with a morning meditation.  We'll also take a hike to surrounding beaches and experience more of the pristine coastline. Maybe get a massage or spa session today?  Each day, we will settle deeper into the connection with nature and take the chance to slow down and relax. We also have an optional 'Sea Turtle Talk with Tim' to learn more about the sea turtle conservation efforts here on Playa Escameca. 

  • Day 4   (Casa Horizon)

    We'll have our 2nd morning workout and mindset workshop today. Aside from surfing, yoga, sunsets, and amazing food, tonight is also live music at the hotel!  Happy hour after dinner at the bar, and enjoy a variety of familiar favorites and new songs as you dance into the evening.

  • Day 5   (Casa Horizon)

    We'll start the day with a morning meditation.  Today we'll also take our trip to town where we'll explore the tourist hub of San Juan del Sur by wandering the streets for souvenirs or stopping for a drink at one of the local bars along the water. Before making your way back to Costa Dulce for dinner, drive up to the Jesus statue for an expansive and gorgeous view of this surf town and the bay.

  • Day 6   (Casa Horizon)

    Mindset session 3 workshop (can be morning or afternoon) and end the day with yoga (with Ashley). Options for surfing/massage/yoga, which can be anytime really!  Today is also the option to join for a traditional sauna called 'Temazcal'.

  • Day 7   (Casa Horizon)

    Mindset session 4 workshop (can be morning or afternoon).  After dinner, salsa dancing lessons are offered, and then a bonfire to soak up our final night with our friends under magnificent stars.

  • Day 8   (Casa Horizon)

    Today is departure day, where we say our goodbyes, and catch our transport back to the airport. Or, continue your travels, for those of you that are extending. 

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  • What's Included - Nicaragua
    • Empowering Mindset Workshops (x4)
      These workshops will help us break free of our limiting beliefs that are holding us back from reaching our goal.
    • Meditation (x2)
      Unwind and find serenity in our outdoor meditation session. Connect with the soothing rhythm of nature as you quiet the mind and rejuvenate the spirit.
    • Bodyweight Workout (x2)
      Revitalize your body with a bodyweight workout in nature's embrace. Experience invigorating exercises set against the backdrop of Mother Nature, recharging both body and mind.
    • Yoga Class (x1)
      Discover inner peace and harmony in our outdoor yoga class. Let the tranquil surroundings of nature deepen your practice and elevate your well-being.
    • Full access to Coach Sam (over nine years in the field)
    • 7-nights accommodation at a beautiful beachfront resort
    • All meals included - pre-breakfast, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! (read details below)
    • Private transport to and from the airport 
    • Live Music Night
    • Trip to San Juan del Sur - the most popular Surf Town in Nicaragua
    • Hike to surrounding beaches

      Optional Add-on Experiences:
    • Temazacal (traditional sauna)
    • Spa and Massage
    • Surf lessons and surf-board rental
    • Additional yoga and meditation classes (offered 2x daily) 
  • About Playa Escameca

    In a world where every beautiful place has been discovered and developped, Playa Escameca is a diamond in the rough.

    Just a stone's throw from the much more "discovered" Costa Rica lies this huge beach where nobody tries to sell you anything, you can have company or solitude whenever you like and mama nature delivers miraculous sunsets every single night. There's a reason why, after decades of traveling in the tropics, this place is where we settled down.  It's perfect!

  • Accommodation - Nicaragua

    We have a range of rooming situations from single to triple occupancy rooms. Please take a look at this photo album to see what our facility looks like.  

  • Meals - Nicaragua

    3 meals/day served up by our house chef and kitchen team at La Dulce Cocina.

    Our food has consistently been one of our favorite features for guests, where most find our farm-to-table kitchen to be a highlight of their trip. La Dulce Cocina takes pride in serving you healthy and delicious local food. We pay extra attention to selecting locally grown fresh ingredients so our menu changes with the seasons.

    ​​We consider food to be a pillar of well being. Good food not only means that it’s deliciously kind to our taste buds, but also that it is good for our body, our planet and our communities. A true nourishment for ourselves and our surroundings. We understand how important individual dietary needs in order to feel good and that’s our main goal.

    Note: We happily cater to most dietary needs including vegan, vegetarian, carnivores, celiacs and food allergies.

  • Meet your instructors - Nicaragua

    Samantha Knibbs: Personal Trainer & SKFitness Leader

    Hey there! I'm Sam, a certified personal trainer and the owner of SKFitness. Balancing motherhood and fitness is my passion. I'm here to help you reach your health goals, inside and out. Excited for our international retreats and empowering journeys ahead. Let's make fitness dreams a reality – join me in Nicaragua!



    Ashley: Holistic Healer & SKFitness Leader

    With 17+ years as a registered massage therapist, Ashley also excels as a yoga and meditation instructor. Passionate about teaching, she offers various classes and workshops. Join Ashley in Nicaragua for empowering wellness journeys!

    Laurie: SKFitness Leader

    Laurie wears many hats - a wife, mom of four, and seasoned professional. From childcare to education, she's done it all. Laurie's wellness journey evolved when she embraced Sam's sustainable approach to fitness. Now, she's a vital part of the SKFitness team, promoting healthy well-being. Join us in Nicaragua!

  • Your Group - Nicaragua

    We are passionate about helping women reach total health, fitness and wellness potential! The retreat weekend is designed to create an atmosphere of peace, personal growth, empowerment and connection with self and others! Get in touch with your authentic self with the serenity of the mountains away from the routines, busy schedules and technology-filled world!

    Groups will range in size from 15-22 people. We want everyone to feel welcome coming on a SKFitness/ Breathe in Life trip.

  • People - Nicaragua
  • Safety in Nicaragua

    Nicaragua is considered to be one of the safest countries in Central America. It is very welcoming to tourists and travellers, and most people are amazed how friendly the people are, and how comfortable they feel.  Like most countries, the big cities have some unsafe areas, but on our trip we will be far from the cities in a beautiful ocean-front community that employs all local people and which has a beautiful relationship with the locals. We are a gated community, and we have security cameras, yet we have essentially zero crime. Most of the houses and cottages don’t even have locks on the doors because of how comfortable everybody is. 


  • Solo travelers - Nicaragua

    Not a problem at all! We have many travelers who will come solo on our trips and the casual group setting is a great environment to meet new like-minded people. When you are on a SKFitness/ Breathe in Life retreat, you are always among friends! As far as your accommodations go you have three choices. We can pair you with another solo traveler in a double room or you can request your own room for a reasonable surcharge.

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