Payment Methods


To find a payment schedule for your Breathe in LIife trip please click here

For option 2 listed below, after making your payment please be contact us here. In the message, write your name, BIL ID#, the date, amount and method of your payment so that we can confirm it for you.


  1. Make a Payment with your credit card
  2. Make an "Email Money Transfer" EMT payment ***Canada Only

Credit Card

To pay with a credit card, please login to 'Your Trip' page and click 'Make a Payment'.

Email Money Transfer

Please include a note with your name and BIL ID#

After we have received your payment, we will send you a confirmation email. If you would prefer to save yourself the concern about making the payments on the proper dates, you could send us post-dated cheques for all of the payments on their proper dates. We would then make the deposit on the date that you had written on the cheque.

All Email Money Transfers can simply be sent to

Please email with the password upon sending the money along with your name and your 10 digit, alpha-numeric BIL number (EX: BIL1234567). NOTE: Ensure that your BIL ID# is correct and matches the BIL ID# given to you by Breathe in Life…you don’t want to be paying for someone else’s trip!!!

***For Canadian travelers only

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