Jennifer Neil

Jennifer currently is a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Registered in Holistic Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition (Metabolic Balance), Massage Therapist, Yogi and Professional Athlete. She has built a beautiful community in Calgary and works with many International clients. Jennifer had the incredible honour of being awarded 2023 top GYMVMT Personal Trainer in Alberta and has been nominated again as one of IMPACT magazines Top trainers in Canada for 2024. She embraces multiple roles in her life as a dedicated mom of 3 boys and business owner of two companies (GEN Health Rejuvenation & DreamBody Online), she has learned to balance the demands of family, education, personal passions and her career with over 25 years of experience managing health clubs and working with a broad scope of clientele. 

Jennifer’s experience includes working with a diverse range of clients, including those seeking weight loss, increasing muscle mass, specific sport performance and nutrition needs for elite athletes, post-rehabilitation and decreasing inflammation, pre and postnatal, hormonal Imbalances, autoimmune conditions are some of her specializations. She believes the best practitioners will be able to see movement, feel tissue, coach natural, alive, good quality foods and have a solid science background to effectively show change with proper assessments. 

In her own words: 

  • I believe I am just a girl who wakes up most mornings wanting to make the world a better place! I have created space for community, movement, learning, growth and wellness! 
  • Our greatest friendships can be created through shared experiences, these experiences have changed my life in the most meaningful and beautiful ways! 
  • My philosophy has always been our health is our wealth! You have to make room for wellness or eventually you will make room for illness because disease does not wait for us to “get it”! Our mental health is like our physical health it comes and goes if we do not take care of it! 

Jennifer is looking forward to 2024's exciting fitness & wellness retreats in The Bahamas. Please Join us in the Bahamas for a transformative fitness and wellness retreat! Open to all, regardless of fitness level or lifestyle. Embrace a journey of health and relaxation!





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