Live Like Ben


Even before the creation of Breathe In Life, we have been involved in helping to set up a foundation geared towards helping the less fortunate children of the places we visit. We have spent many years moving around and being touched by the stories of kids in some heart breaking circumstances. We had a desire to make a positive impact and a sudden tragedy brought our community of friends and family together for a good cause. We had a close friend by the name of Ben Trompetter, who was well known for his regular visits and donations to orphanages in Southeast Asia. He spent many years on the road with us and we always admired this light he brought with him. He passed away suddenly in 2012 and because of his loving mother and family and their determination to fulfill his dreams of contributing more, the Live Like Ben Foundation was formed in his honor.

We believe in working closely with organizations on the ground, getting our hands dirty and seeing that 100% of the funds raised go directly to fruitful and promising projects. We want to give with open hearts and spread love to everyone we come in contact with.

This year, with the money raised for the foundation, a school was built in Pha Dang Luang; a village that's nestled far up in the mountains of Northern Thailand. The village is so remote and secluded that it was quite a journey for all of the building supplies and people necessary to complete Ben's school to take! Team Ben have done an incredible job. Magic happened in those mountains!

Check out this video to see the amazing work that was done by an amazing team ->

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