First Descents

The last 2 years, Co-Founders Melissa + Chris donated thier time to be a part of adventure retreats in the USA, set up for people who have been impacted by cancer. They could not have imagined a better experience. Watching all the amazing participants smiles, laughs, excitement, and courage on these adventures, and to witness the beautiful space held for one another to really live and experience life to the fullest was so incredible! Life changing experiences. 

We are currently in the process of figuring out how we can do more for this incredible organization and plan to be back, in the midst of adventure, on their retreats next year! There is also talk of Breathe in Life planning one of their international trips for their alumni in 2019 in Croatia!!! Stay tuned!


First Descents offers young adult cancer fighters and survivors a free outdoor adventure experience designed to empower them to climb, paddle and surf beyond their diagnosis, defy their cancer, reclaim their lives and connect with others doing the same.

During the First Descents experience, young adult survivors and fighters are empowered through conquering legitimate outdoor challenges to push their limits and face their fears, and by doing so, they are able to regain the confidence and self-efficacy lost to cancer. First Descents places an emphasis on each individual’s experience and provides the right support for every participant to achieve their goals for the week. The experience is designed to allow healing to happen naturally and organically – no forced conversations and no structured group sessions or therapy.

Each program is limited to 15 participants, ensuring individualized care, medical attention and an intimate experience with fellow survivors. First Descents programs are available to young adults with cancer regardless of their financial means. All meals, accommodations and program activities are provided free of charge, including travel scholarships, when needed.

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