Welcome to barefoot luxury on the beach of south Sri Lanka. Talalla resort offers an escape into their little paradise beach destination that has a panoramic view of the turquoise ocean, natural sea breezes, and incredible sunsets! Enjoy the relaxation and rejuvenation Talalla provides with their beach front spacious villas, outdoor pool, open air restaurant, spa, surf, and meals prepared from food grown in their own garden!

Founded by Australian Laurie Rose who fell in love with the spiritual charm of Sri Lanka. She decided to build a resort that was tucked into the corner of the mile long Talalla beach, which is, for the most part, a newly built fishing village. Talalla had barely begun construction when the village was devastated by the 2004 tsunami.

After an eventful set up period for Talalla sidetracked by the devastating 2004 Tsunami whereby Laurie mobilized a Talalla Support Group to assist the local community clean up. Laurie has now realized his dream with a boutique health resort built on sustainable principles offering yoga, pilates, boxilates, surfing and a hip restaurant and pool space for all to enjoy.

Many of thier staff are tsunami victims and the resort has been accepted as a part of the village and is one of its biggest benefactors.

From these urgent beginnings the Talalla Support Group was formed. All those affected by the devastation of the tsunami were able to approach the Group for financial and practical aid. As a result, hundreds of families in the immediate area found relief, support and hope.

The Group was responsible for the construction of two community centers which are aligned with the local Buddhist monks and cater to everything from infant schooling to computer classes.

They also work hard to ensure their environmental footprint is minimized and that the local community benefit economically from the resort and any subsequent tourism in the area. They encourage their guests to enjoy the natural abundance through the open air villas, and provide information to raise awareness of local and environmental issues.


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