MARCH NICARAGUA--Rejuvenation Retreat - Live Food+Yoga

True rejuvenation starts from the inside out - Our intention for this retreat are to improve digestion, increase energy and vitality.

Join Mia and Sarah in Escameca, Nicaragua from March 17-27, 2016 for a 10-day Rejuvenation retreat.

Each morning we will engage in a slow, juicy, Hatha-Flow Yoga practice and meditation followed up by gourmet, rejuvenating raw foods and nutritional education to give you the tools to enhance your wellbeing. In the evenings, at sunset we'll head back to the study and indulge in a nurturing Restorative-Yin practice, paired with Pranayama (breathe work) and journalling.

All practices will be threaded and infused with Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy to help remind the body how to return to its natural state of being and invigorate the shifts that have been waiting to happen. Outside of the studio and kitchen you will have plenty of free time to hang at the beach, in a hammock, or anything else you desire.

Over meals and in the evenings we will engage in conversations and journalling practices that are geared to help you see yourself more clearly.

You will leave with a recipe package, nutritional insights, and a transformed Yoga understanding.


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