Trip Summary



Nov 4 – Arrive in Goa airport and transport via bus to Samata Resort, Goa, India

Nov 4-30 - Stay at Samata Resort.

Nov 30 – Transport back to Goa airport via bus. Depart India feeling connected and clear!


Upon arriving in Goa, you will be whisked away to your beautiful residence at Samata Resort. Here you will spend 27 days gaining your Yoga Teacher Certification through practicing asana, diving into conscious anatomy, discussing yogic philosophy, learning anusara based alignment, meditation, and exploring yourself. With daily sunrises that colour the skies, lush tropical vegetation, sunny days, an inspiring teacher and like minded students. You will enjoy freshly prepared organic meals together, swing in hammocks alongside one another and create the perfect environment for serenity together.

After your 27 days in paradise you will you head back to the airport in Goa via bus and then depart home with your new found knowledge and friends. 

**If you are going to get yourself down to the training centre, we will be happy to provide details on it's location. Please plan to arrive no later than 3pm on Nov 4th**


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