Trip Notes

A little bit about India

Climate: The climate in Goa will be humid and tropical with occasional rainfall. Average temperatures between 25 C – 30 C.

The People: India is well known in the world for its mystifying cultural diversity. A history of 10,000 years seems to be wired into each and every person. They are some of the most interesting and spiritual people you will ever encounter, and their kindness is second to none. The faces, idols, philosophies and Gods change with each city you go to but the generosity and willingness to help stays the same. In India the common belief is that everything is karmically perfect just as it is. Whatever situation you were born into and whatever experiences you are having is just as it should be. This contentment, or ‘santosha’, of the nation has a beautiful impact on the experience of its visitors.

The Food:
The amazing spectrum of flavors and food options in India make eating one of the best parts of any stay. The idea that everything here is super spicy is not true; there are always sweet, savory and spicy options on the menu. Even if Indian food isn't your thing, being a popular tourist destination India has evolved to accommodate a wide variety of tastes. All the food at Samata Resort is organic and grown on site! Their chefs are incredible and will leave you consistently excited for your next meal!

What to Bring: Although your trip may seem like a long time our best packing advice to you is to bring about half of what you plan to! Seriously, you don’t need much more than some yoga attire, swimsuits and casual clothing. Less is more when packing as you will want to have room for the awesome and cheap gifts and souvenirs you will find along the way. You will get a packing list in your pre departure guidebook once you sign up.

A Little Bit about Modesty: Although progressive and heavily influenced by the West, India remains a modest society. Please dress with consideration.

Money: We recommend you bring your regular bank card from home to use on your travels. Be sure to notify your bank of your travel plans as irregular activity such as a withdrawal from abroad can cause them to flag your card. There are many international ATMs available where you can withdraw cash. 45 Rupees is around 1 CND dollar so no need to worry when you finish up that 1 hour long ayurvedic massage or oil treatment and it costs 1000 Rupees, that’s only $20!

Tipping: Although not an Indian custom, tipping has become common with the increase in tourism throughout the years. A 10% tip on your bill goes a long way for your server and will definitely put a smile on their face.

Extending your Trip: Sometimes when 30 days just isn’t enough time you may want to extend your return flight back to reality. Each airline has different rules in changing flights but generally this can be arranged for a reasonable fee. We will be happy to assist you with this and support your new dreams to become an Indian beach bum! E-mail us at to inquire about a flight.

Solo Travelers: Not a problem at all! We have many travelers who will come solo on our trainings and the casual group setting is a great environment to meet new like-minded people. When you are on a Breathe in Life training, you are always among friends! As far as your accommodations go on this training, you have several choices to choose from that vary in price. For a listing of all of the available levels of accommodation please visit our dates and prices page.

Communicating with Home: Staying connected to home is easy to do as all of the places we stay have Wi-Fi. If you have an unlocked phone you can also purchase a local sim card for a few dollars but it does take a few days to activate so do account for that.


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