Bali - Past Trip

BALI--BHAKTI YOGA RETREAT भक्ति w/ Natalie Saari

Bhakti in Bali will focus on the cultivation of love and devotion through the practice of yoga. The breathtaking beauty of the Balian beach coastline will set the stage for our time in retreat at the eco-friendly and locally conscious facility, Pondok Pitaya Resort.

Retreats allow us to drop into our minds without the distractions of everyday life. In the serenity of nature, spending time near the ocean naturally deepens our sense of interconnectedness. As we quiet our minds, we are able to connect with the natural world and get to know ourselves better.

 Through yoga and and mindfulness practices like crafting, journaling, chanting, eating, listening, meditating, contemplating, and much more, we are able to Reset, Reconnect, + Rediscover our True Self during our time in Bali.

It is my Sankalpa and true intention to share the teachings of yoga, create opportunities for others to travel, explore, and rediscover themselves in a new light.

Om Shanti
Natalie ॐ

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