Trip Notes

A Little Bit about Bali

Climate: The climate in Bali is considered a tropical climate with an average temperature of 28 degrees. Bali consists of two different seasons, dry and monsoon. Our time spent in Bali is during the most ideal, clear sunny time of the year.

The People: Consisting of more than 300 different indigenous groups, Indonesia’s national motto is “unity in diversity." This natural mix creates a harmonious energy and a warm welcome for visitors. You won’t find it hard to share a friendly conversation with some of the locals about your life or theirs. When Bali became a tourist hot spot in the 70's the government was quick to ensure that their culture and traditions would become the main point of attraction for newcomers. In turn, the people of Bali are open to share their Hindu customs and beliefs and their devotion is beautifully visible on every street corner. English is spoken quite regularly so this comes naturally without a communication barrier.

The Food: The diverse population of Indonesia brings a vast variety of foods and a seemingly limitless assortment of food preparation approaches, resulting in an assortment of some of the tastiest, most vibrant and most colourful dishes in the world. Influences from China and from the Middle East have enriched Indonesian menus with delicious curries, grilled meat and seafood and tempeh, a unique Indonesian variation of fermented soy. The Balinese chefs at Pondok Pitaya Resort are extremely talented. Every meal will blow you away with unique flavors, presentation, and an array of fresh delicious tropical fruit / juices.

What to Bring: Although your trip may seem like a long time our best packing advice to you is to bring about half of what you plan to! Seriously, you don’t need much more than some yoga attire, swimsuits and casual clothing. Less is more when packing as you will want to have room for the awesome and cheap gifts and souvenirs you will find along the way. You will get a packing list in your pre departure guidebook once you sign up.

A Little Bit about Modesty: Although we spend most of our time in a relaxed, liberal environment and beach wear is acceptable, there are some occasions where more modest dress is considerate. Whenever you are away from the beach, shopping, or in restaurants it is respectful to dress modestly. The locals will appreciate and respect your consideration.

Money: We recommend you bring your regular bank card from home to use on your travels. Be sure to notify your bank of your travel plans as irregular activity such as a withdrawal from abroad can cause them to flag your card, locking your account. There are many international ATMs available where you can withdraw cash.

Tipping: Although not a custom in Indonesia, tipping has become common with the increase in tourism throughout the years. A 10% tip on your bill goes a long way for your server and will definitely be appreciated.

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