Payment Schedules

Below you will find a list of our suggested payment schedules for our trips and retreats. These are used as guidelines to help our travelers budget accordingly as they work towards paying for their trip. However, we do understand that everyone has different financial circumstances so these are not set in stone. If you wish to pay in larger increments or more smaller ones that is ok with us! We only ask that you have your trip paid for in full 30 days before the departure date.

**Please note in some cases we will request you to bring your balance to a sufficient amount as time progresses closer to your trip date**

Land Only


NICARAGUA - Women's Retreat w/ Shayla, Cheyenne, and Amy
March 7th - 15th, 2020

Deposit $400 - within 7 days of sign up
Payment 1 $1000 - December 15th
Payment 2 $500 - January 15th
Payment 3 $220 - February 15th
Total= $2120

**Please note that flight prices vary, please visit the registration page for flight prices from your departure city. Or if your trip does not have the flight option please email us so we can give you your options