Making Payments

At Breathe in Life we don’t want our customers to be pressured to pay for their trip up front and that is why we offer flexible payment schedules. Although we provide these schedules they are listed as minimum payments so if you would like to make larger payments you are more than welcome too. Please visit our payment schedules page for a full list of all our trips payment schedules. We also offer several different payment methods for your convenience.

First, REGISTER for the trip of your choice.

Within 7 days - $200 deposit is due


1) Mailing a cheque or money order
2) Make a payment with your credit card 
3) Make an INTERAC E-transfer payment (Canadian travelers only)
4) Wire transfers
5) Making a payment in person with a Breathe in Life representative

1) Mailing a cheque or money order

Cheques or money orders can be written out to 'Breathe in Life Ltd.' and mailed to the following address

Breathe in Life 
PO Box 10094 Stadium PO,
Airdrie AB,
T4A 0C0,

2) Making a payment with your credit card 

*please note that this option incurs a 3% fee which will be added at the time of payment * In the event a refund is required for whatever circumstance, the 3% fee is not refundable*

Easy! Just log into your trip page and click on the "make payment" button. Your payment will be automatically posted to your account.

3) Making an INTERAC E-transfer payment (Canada only)

Log into your online banking and send and E-transfer to;

4) Wire transfers

Wire transfers can be accepted from travelers anywhere in the world. Please contact us for up-to-date wire instructions.

5) Making a payment in person with a Breathe in Life representative

If you live in the Calgary or Edmonton area just call or e-mail us to set up a meeting time.

NOTE: Please make sure to include your personal BIL ID # (ex. ETG ID: ETG0004019) which can be found on "your trip" page with all your payments so we can ensure your account is credited appropriately

If none of the above options works for you or for more information on any of the payment methods listed above please contact us.