Trip Notes

A Little Bit About Thailand

Climate: Thailand is a tropical climate with an average temperature around 30 degrees. In the south there are two seasons, wet and dry. During April you can expect warm sunny days with the occasional tropical shower to cool things off!

We have taken a lot of pride in selecting accommodations which are well run, comfortable and quiet, with great food and friendly, helpful staff. During your travel adventures we really want your room to be a place where you can get good rest and be ready to make the most of your days. Phangan Cove Resort is just the right place in a perfect location!

The People: Thailand is known as the land of smiles and the people will quickly show you why. Thai people will greet you with open arms and welcome you to their country as if it were your own. With 95% of the country being Buddhist it is full of good karma seekers who are open to making new friends.

The Food: Thailand has some of the best and most reasonably priced food in all of Southeast Asia. The Thai flavors of lemon grass, ginger, chili, kefir lime leaves, coconut milk, palm sugar, and all the tropical fruit and vegetables are loved and enjoyed all over the world. Try a spicy papaya salad or curry, the food options are fresh and home cooked across the country. Meat is offered throughout most of Thailand, but the menus are also very vegetarian friendly. Fish meals are very popular especially in the South. One of the favourite spots to eat is Orion Resort, which has amazing healthy options for a reasonable price, and is right next door to Phangan Cove.

What to Bring:
We recommend bringing a backpack about 30-40 liters in size. Suitcases tend to be difficult to lug around on sandy beaches. Although your trip may seem like a long time our best packing advice to you is to bring about half of what you plan to! Seriously, you don’t need much more than some yoga attire,comfortable hiking clothes, a swimsuit and casual clothing. Less is more when packing as you will want to have room for the awesome and cheap gifts and souvenirs you will find along the way. If you do forget something important at home you can most likely find everything once you arrive in Thailand. 

Money: We recommend you bring your regular bankcard from home to use on your travels. There are many international ATMs available where you can withdraw cash. 25 Baht is around 1 CND dollar and 1000 Baht is about $40 CND so no need to worry when you finish up that 1 hour long oil massage on the beach and its 300 Baht…that’s only $12! It is a good idea to speak with your bank to let them know you are traveling as well as the duration and location to avoid any issues.

Tipping: Although not a Thai custom, tipping has become more common with the increase in tourism throughout the years. We recommend tipping for services as you would back home. 10 or 20 Baht on a 100 baht bill will go a long way for your server and definitely put a smile on their face.

Your Group:
Your groups will range in size from 5-14 travelers with a wide age range of anywhere from 18 and up. Regardless of the group demographic everyone has something in common right off the bat, you are all here to experience what exciting things Thailand has to offer you! Each group is lead by a Breathe in Life trip leader and a certified yoga instructor. They are there to insure that everything runs as smoothly as it can and accompany you on your journey to a better well being.

Trip Leaders/Yoga Instructors: All of our trip leaders and yoga instructors at Breathe in Life were chosen for their passion for life, health, and love for travel. Our trip leaders are extremely knowledgeable on the places that we go and are there to make sure your trip is all that it can be and more.

Extending your trip:
Sometimes when 12 days just isn’t enough time you may want to extend your return flight back to reality. We will be happy to assist you with this and support your new dreams to become a South East Asian beach bum! E-mail us with any flight inquiries at

Solo travellers:
Not a problem at all! We have many travelers who will come solo on our trips and the casual group setting is a great environment to meet new like-minded friends. As far as your accommodations go you have two choices. We can pair you with another solo traveler of the same gender in a room with two beds or you can request your own room for a reasonable surcharge.

Communicating with home: Staying connected to the outside world is easy to do as most of the places we stay have Wi-Fi or internet cafes available to use. If you have an unlocked phone you can also purchase a local sim card for a reasonable price.


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