The activities offered in India are nearly as diverse as its culture with the approaches to life, yoga, philosophy, massage, diet and entertainment changing from region to region. There is always something new to learn and experience. Listed below are just a few of the amazing things to do on this journey. While offering optional workshops and courses, this trip keeps a relaxed and open schedule allowing you to explore the many choices available to you in creating your trip of a lifetime!

  • Attend Holi, the Festival of Colors

  • Endless lectures, talks and workshops exploring body, mind and spirit.

  • Ayurvedic consultations and massage/oil therapy among many other treatments.

  • Viewpoint Hikes

  • Visit the Taj Mahal

  • Indian Cooking Classes

  • White Water Rafting/Kayaking

  • Live Music performances and lessons

  • Tibetan massage

  • Himalayan mountain trekking

  • Eclectic dance workshops

  • Jewelry making classes

  • Camel Safari

  • Visit a Tibetan Buddhist monastery

  • Visit a Hindu temple

.......Just to name a few!


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