Nicaragua Women's Retreat

Join us on a beautiful journey of the self, while travelling through the pristine lands and waters of Nicaragua. We welcome you to this beautiful setting to explore the depths within. This 9-day Women’s Retreat at the Casa Horizon Eco-Lodge will take you on an inner voyage catered to the weaving together of body, mind and soul. Enjoy daily yoga, meditation, a multitude of practical workshops and creative opportunities in a safe and supportive environment, all while being surrounded by soothing waves, warm sand and a tropical jungle.

Take time to re-root yourself and tune in to the true essence of who you are. With epic coastal views as our backdrop, we will be sharing space with a group of incredible women where it is safe to explore, create, learn and love.

Spend your days delving into whatever it is that makes you feel alive: waking up with the sun and going surfing, a late afternoon siesta, visiting a local turtle sanctuary or enjoying a bonfire on the beach under the stars.

Amy Webber, Cheyenne Felker, and Shayla Bly are so excited to share this opportunity with you! This gathering has blossomed from a seed planted many years ago when the three facilitators met working abroad for Breathe in Life’s sister company, Free and Easy Traveler.

They have each collected various and complimentary tools, skills, and life experiences that make this collaboration one you cannot miss. With happy hearts, they look forward to sharing space with you in this magical place. Here, it becomes natural to disconnect from the busyness of everyday life with the intention of reconnecting with one's self and the beautiful world that we live within.


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