Trip Notes

A little bit about Nicaragua

Climate: March is considered dry season in Nicaragua. The average temperature during the day ranges from 21C - 35C. Be prepared for some humidity with our vicinity to the beach.

Accommodation: A space ideal for travellers looking for something authentic, peaceful and off-the-beaten-path. Casa Horizon offers large spaces, comfortable beds and all the amenities. There is laundry on site, hot showers, full kitchen, bug nets and fans. Please keep in mind the prices reflect shared accommodation. If there is anything you are wondering about, feel free to ask!

The People: Local Nicaraguans hold a zest for life and love for its simplicities. A gem of Central America, the spicy spanish flavour of Nicaragua remains one of our personal favourites and we can't wait to share it with you! With the prominent surfer lifestyle, time has its way of moving a different pace and siestas in the afternoon are always welcome.

The Food: Food brings people together. This gathering will include 3 vegetarian meals a day. Though meals are provided for, we invite those that feel curious to participate in the alchemy of taste, creation and nutrition for your body to cook with us! If you have any special dietary needs/restrictions, please let us know prior to the trip starting and we will do our best to accommodate.

What to Bring: We encourage packing light as the country is hot during the dry season. Also, make sure to leave room for souvenirs. A packing list will be provided upon sign up for the retreat. It is a personal preference whether you would like to travel with a backpack or suitcase.
All yoga mats and props are on site and provided, however, feel free to bring your own mat.

Money: We recommend you bring your regular bank card from home to use on your travels. Be sure to notify your bank of your travel plans as irregular activity such as a withdrawal from abroad can cause them to flag your card. There are international ATMs available at the airport or in San Juan Del Sur (30 minute taxi) where you can withdraw cash. There is no ATM at Casa Horizon. Nicaragua accepts both USD and the local Cordobas. Large USD bills can be difficult to break, so we encourage travelling with smaller bills in good condition, especially for border entry and exit fees. ($1 CAD = 25 Cordobas)

Tipping: Although not a Nicaragua custom, tipping has become common with the increase in tourism throughout the years. A 10% tip on your bill goes a long way for your server and will definitely put a smile on their face.

Your Group: Groups will range in size from 8-12 people with a wide age range of anywhere from 18 up. We want everyone to feel welcome on a Breathe in Life trip. Regardless of the group demographic everyone has something in common right off the bat: you are all here to experience what amazing things this retreat has to offer!

Trip Leaders/Yoga Instructors: All of our trip leaders and yoga instructors at Breathe in Life were chosen because of their passion for life, health and love for what they do. Our trip leaders are extremely knowledgeable on the places that we go and are there to make sure your trip is as amazing as it can be. All of our yoga instructors come highly experienced and fully certified by the Yoga Alliance.

Extending your Trip: Sometimes when 9 days just isn’t enough time, you may want to extend your return flight back to reality. Each airline has different rules in changing flights but generally this can be arranged for a reasonable fee. We will be happy to assist you with this and support your new dreams to become a surf babe! E-mail us at to inquire about a flight.

Solo Travelers: Not a problem at all! We have many travelers who will come solo on our trips and the casual group setting is a great environment to meet new like-minded people. When you are on a Breathe in Life trip, you are always among friends!

Digital Detox: On this journey we ask that you try to refrain from using electronic connecting devices such as smartphones and computers. It is an opportunity to reduce stress, anxiety, tech dependency, fatigue, depression, information overload and more. Given the space to unplug from the noisy world, we are able to re-evaluate our path, take stock in life, strengthen our relationships, and move forward with a sense of purpose and belonging.


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