Casa Horizon - Playa Escameca, Nicaragua

In the deep south of Nicaragua, just a stone's throw from Costa Rica, there's a beach you only dream of - Playa Escameca. The magic of this space has blown the minds of travellers across the globe and encourages one to re-wild within. Casa Horizon is a multi-level jungle house that has an eco-friendly design to minimize its footprint while still keeping luxury as part of your experience. With only one other eco-resort as neighbours, you will truly escape the distractions of heavily populated areas and immerse yourself in tranquillity. There are stunning sunsets, amazing waves and incredible moments waiting to be discovered.

This private villa has been custom designed using green building concepts, native hardwoods and beautiful stone. High ceilings and large overhangs provide shade from sun and rain showers. Boundaries between indoors and outdoors blur with sliding walls and open kitchens and airy bedrooms with large decks overlooking the beach. The yoga studio has a stunning view and soothing sounds of jungle and ocean. Monkey infused yoga sessions have been known to occur.

Rooms are a shared accomodation with a mix of queen, single and bunk beds. See above fore pictures.


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