Trip Summary

Day 1-4: Boudhanath
Landing in Nepal and jet-leg can be overwhelming. We will spend a few days finding our feet, adjusting to time change and finding our groove as a group. While we recover from travel, listen to Tibetans chant, visit the Women Foundation of Nepal, explore Nepali food and drink chai.

Day 5-6: Pokhara
We will find our way to Pokhara, a lovely spot that prepares for trekking. Known for it’s chill out vibe, one street to walk on, serene lake and multiple cafes and shops. We get ourselves ready for 7 days of walking and meet our support team here.

Day 7-13: Trekking part of the the Annapurna Range
This is it! You and your feet, one step at a time - Nepal has created a very convenient way to trek from village to village using teahouses as a place to eat and rest. See how Nepalese live and survive in the mountains, enjoy the healing vibes of nature, walk up and down hills and hopefully view the Annapurna Range at dusk and dawn. This hike is where we will suggest the digital detox. You can detox from electronics the entire duration of the trip if you choose, and we highly suggest it but we will not enforce anything. *Note* We will be trekking anywhere from 4-8 hrs a day and there will be many steep inclines and declines ("little bit up, little bit down" as the Nepalese say). This hike is challenging at times, and a moderate level of fitness is suggested.

Day 14-16: Pokhara 
A shower never felt so good! We will pick up extra bags, eat a lovely meal and sleep. There will be plenty of time to shop, rest and explore the sweet sights around Pokhara.

Day 17-18: Bhaktapur
Bhaktapur, literally translates to Place of devotees. Also known as Bhadgaon or Khwopa, it is an ancient Newar city in the east corner of the Kathmandu Valley. Bhaktapur has not one but three major squares full of towering temples that comprise some of the finest religious architecture in the entire country. Bhaktapur is known for wood craving, paper making, and pottery - and artistic paradise!

Day 19-20: Kathmandu

Finally! Time to experience Thamel, shop, eat, play and maybe even catch a local band. Beautiful Durbar squares are nearby to visit, plus the famous Royal park. A farewell dinner and we are on way!


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