Trip Notes

Climate: October and November are considered High Season, as the views in the mountains are stunning and the day temperatures are usually moderate. We had some unexpected heat on the last trip, we had highs of +30 C during the day, but that is not the norm. So expect day time temperatures to be anywhere from 18-30 C, and night time can be more chilly with a low of 5-15 C. The weather in the mountains can be unpredictable, and cooler. Rain is pretty much non-existent at this time of year but you never know. Check the weather forecast as the departure date gets closer.

Accommodation: We have selected accommodations which are well run and comfortable, with good food and friendly, helpful staff. The accommodations range from very basic during the trek and in Boudhanath, to more luxurious in Pokhara and Thamel. 

The People: Nepal has a wide variety of culture, racial backgrounds and languages within the relatively small country. Generally, it is said that Nepal has three main ethnic groups: Indo-Nepalse, Tibeto-Nepalese and ingenious Nepalese. With this, one will see Hindus, Buddhists and many different culture backgrounds within the mountains ranges. The diversity of culture is what makes Nepal such a special country to visit, as you will experience and witness many different customs, dress and geography while exploring the region.
The Nepalese have a reputation for being extremely friendly, kind and welcoming.

The Food: 
The main diet for the average Nepali is Dhal Bhat, a plate of lentils, rice, and curried vegetables, it can be eaten twice a day and a main trekking staple!
The influence from Tibetans has brought, Momos, a dumpling filled with, either meat or vegetables, as well as noodle soups.
Most menus will be a combination of Indian curries, served with rice or chapatis, Tibetan food & Western Food – pizza, breakfasts & fresh juices.
Chai is drank at anytime of day, and there are plenty of cold soft drinks available.
Both Kathmandu and Pokhara have excellent restaurants to explore and satisfy any craving that may arise!!

What to Bring: We recommend bringing a backpack about 50-70 liters in size. Suitcases tend to be difficult to lug around. Although your trip may seem like a long time our best packing advice to you is to bring about half of what you plan to or just the essentials. Less is more when packing as you will want to have room for the awesome treasures you will find along the way. Laundry is available in almost all of the destinations we visit and if you forget something important you can most likely find everything once you arrive in Nepal.

Money: We recommend you bring your regular bank card from home to use on your travels. Be sure to notify your bank of your travel plans as irregular activity such as a withdrawal from abroad can cause them to flag your card. There are international ATMs available where you can withdraw cash. 82 Nepalese Rupees is around 1 CDN dollar so no need to worry when you finish up that 1 hour long massage and it costs 1800 Rupees, that’s only $22! 

Tipping: Although not a Nepalese custom, tipping has become common with the increase in tourism throughout the years. A 10% tip on your bill goes a long way for your server and will definitely put a smile on their face.

Your Group: Groups will range in size from 8-14 people with a wide age range of anywhere from 18 up. We want everyone to feel welcome coming on a Breathe in Life trip. Regardless of the group demographic everyone has something in common right off the bat, you are all here to experience what amazing things Nepal has to offer! 

Trip Leaders/Yoga Instructors: All of our trip leaders and yoga instructors at Breathe in Life were chosen because of their passion for life, health, and love for what they do. Our trip leaders are extremely knowledgeable on the places that we go and are there to make sure your trip is as amazing as it can be. All of our yoga instructors come highly experienced and fully certified by the Yoga Alliance.

Extending your Trip:
Sometimes when 20 days just isn’t enough time you may want to extend your return flight back to reality. Each airline has different rules in changing flights but generally this can be arranged for a reasonable fee. We will be happy to assist you with this and support your new dreams to become a Himalayan mountain climber! E-mail us at to inquire about a flight.

Solo Travelers: Not a problem at all! We have many travelers who will come solo on our trips and the casual group setting is a great environment to meet new like-minded people. When you are on a Breathe in Life trip, you are always among friends! As far as your accommodations go you have two choices. We can pair you with another solo traveler of the same sex in a double room or you can request your own room for a reasonable surcharge.

Digital Detox: 
On this journey we ask that you try to refrain from using electronic connecting devices such as smartphones and computers. It is an opportunity to reduce stress, anxiety, tech dependency, fatigue, depression, information overload, and more. Given the space to unplug from the noisy world, we are able to reevaluate our path, take stock in life, strengthen our relationships, and move forward with a sense of purpose and belonging.


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