INDIA SOUTH--7 Days in Goa

Get ready to experience the best of South India! On this 7 day retreat in Arambol, Goa, there are plenty of amazing, once in a lifetime things to do, as well as some of the world's most beautiful and peaceful places to unwind. Surf the beaches of Goa, take part in the daily drum circles, paraglide above amazing stretches of beach, and try all the amazing health conscious restaurants Arambol has to offer with your new friends!

Up for a bit more of a spiritual experience? This is the place for you! India is known as the birth place of spirituality and her power is like no other place on the planet For thousands of years the same rituals and festivals have been practiced here, creating a very unique and authentic energy which seems to grab each one who visits. Any traveler in India we chat with always seems to have at least one story of an almost bizarre circumstance where they were led where they needed to be, or shown what they needed to see on their journey. India has a beautiful way of simply guiding those who are seeking. We can ensure to give you the best exposure to this special side of mother India.

Arambol is also a haven for yogis and conscious living, both those just beginning and the more advanced practitioners. Yogi in India is a broad philosophy and a and way of life, not simply postures, asana is one small part of yoga in India. These people are truly inspiring, having received knowledge passed down for thousands of years, through script and by mouth on finding, holding, and admiring the peace and beauty of this life. People come from all over the world to Goa for the laid back conscious community and high vibrations. Experiences of drum circles, fire dancers, live music, and beach dance parties happen daily with body workers, energy practitioners and healers flocking to this area of India to embrace the spirit and positive vibes that Goa offers.


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