COSTA RICA--Wellness Getaway



Join us and immerse yourself in one of the most bio-diverse ecosystems on earth, while jump-starting your path to wellness! The dreamy destination setting of Puerto Viejo and the companionship and support of wellness pros, and your fellow group will make this journey into cleansing easy and rewarding. 

Our modern day lifestyles have really started to take a toll on the health of our bodies and how our organs function. A regular intake of sugar-rich, fatty and overly processed foods can have a negative effect on our lifestyles, leaving us feeling bloated and fatigued. The most effective way to detoxify our organs, kick-start weight loss and revitalize our energy levels, is with a juice cleanse.

Using only the freshest organic fruits and vegetables, a detoxifying juice cleanse provides our bodies with a necessary break from modern food types and allows our body time to replenish and recover. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, after just a few days of a nourishing juice fast you will soon start to feel more refreshed and energized.

Combine that with the option of daily yoga, massages, infrared sauna sessions, beach days, ocean swims, a detox welcome package, discussions and education around detoxing, and more!

The setting is a 100% organic and eco touristic wellness center called Tierra de Suenos Lodge. It sits between the pristine Costa Rican beaches of Playa Chiquita and the spectacular rainforest. Enjoy the personalized service and beautiful facilities in a welcoming atmosphere. Paradise awaits!


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