Trip Summary


Day 1 - Arrive at San Jose airport and take a 4 1/2 hour shuttle to Tierra de Suenos Lodge and Wellness Center. 
Day 2-3 - Prepare the body for the juice fast with light and easy to digest meals and a colon flush. 
Day 4-6 - We will be fasting with fresh juices made from organic fruit and vegetables
Day 7 - Celebrate the completion of the detox with healthy easy to digest meals.

An exact schedule for yoga and other activities included will be given to you upon arrival.

You will be sent a preparation and information booklet closer to the trip start date. Our registered nutritionist will also plan a skype call around January 1st to discuss your current health situation, and ways in which you can prepare your body to detox prior to take off. Then just before you leave for Costa Rica the nutritionist will do a follow up call, just to see where you are at before you arrive at the detox center.

Detox Information

Replenish missing nutrients – with juice!

This week is not a starvation diet. Yes, you will likely eat less than you normally do but consider this: Your body is likely starving for proper nutrients right now even though you eat regularly. Your body will be so nourished, relaxed and rejuvenated you’ll not miss a bite! You will have all the micro and macro nutrients you need, serving your body in a synergistic way – no supplements because Mother Nature has it all!

We feel hungry when our body is needing nutrients. That’s why we can eat lots of junk food and not feel satisfied. Your body still needs the nutrients. Give it the nutrients in whole food form and you feel satiated with much less volume of food. The difficulty with this kind of a cleanse is craving salt, sugar and fat for a couple days. No worries though – that’s why we do this in a retreat setting. We support each other on the journey and you won’t have junk foods hanging around to tempt you. Healthy snacks if you need them are always available.

Ideally what you learn this week will become a normal practice when you return home. Adding fresh juice or a smoothie into a well balanced diet is a perfect way to keep supporting your health.

Our society, with all of its advances, has a lot of drawbacks. The price we pay for faster and cheaper takes the form of stress, toxins, chemicals, air pollutants, and radiation. It’s found in our food in the form of over processed and demineralized ingredients, herbicides, pesticides, food colorings, and preservatives. The body is constantly working to eliminate toxins and a strong and clean body can rid itself of most toxic waste. But without proper cleansing, this waste can and will build up. A buildup of toxins is like a wall coating our intestinal tract. it does not allow good absorption of vitamins and nutrients. This makes our bodies susceptible to diseases and ailments. Without help, the immune system weakens.

This is a week to get on track with healthier habits for your body, mind and spirit, and lose some stress with a break from the busyness of your life. If you have significant health issues this may be just the week you need to get on track with better eating habits. You are what you eat so why not eat nutritious, whole foods?

The usual effects of a juice-cleanse and detox fast are one or more of the following:

-Deeper sleep
-Mental clarity
-More energy
-Clear skin, strong nails and hair
-Body shape shifting
-Weight loss, both water and toxic fat
-Decrease in pain and reduced bodily inflammation
-Increase in blood circulation
-Smoother bathroom moments ☺
-A shrunken stomach and therefore, reduced cravings
and more...

The end result in the body will be a feeling of lightness with increased energy levels and in the mind, you can experience healing, cleansing of habitual emotional patterns, inner reflection and, ultimately, stillness within.


Activities/ Puerto Viejo Ecotourism Tours (not included in trip price)

If you feel up to it there are a lot of things to do in the area…but if your energy is low you can also kick back in your hammock or laze on the beach

There is a huge variety of things to do in the area. Some of our favorites are listed below. You can see even more choices on

*Puerto Viejo Rafting Tours
- The lodge arranges thrilling white-water rafting trips with the best river experts in the country. Ride the rapids on the Pacuare River (Class III-IV) or Reventazon River, Florida (Class II-III) or Pascua (Class IV-V) sections. Trip includes round trip transport and an amazing lunch on the river. 

*Puerto Viejo Canopy Tours - For the serious ecotourist, the lodge can schedule your flight through the Caribbean rainforest with one of the best canopy tours in the area. The Caribbean Canopy Tour has 22 platforms with over 2km of cable distance, for an incredible 3 hour Costa Rican adventure. Trip includes round-trip transport, snacks and a guided rain forest hike. This adventure boasts some of the most knowledgeable tour guides in the Puerto Viejo area. 

*Costa Rican Surfing - The Caribbean coast is home to the world-class wave fondly known as Salsa Brava. This wave can get up to 3x overhead and is best from January to April. Other good breaks include Playa Negra, Beach Break at Playa Cocles and depending on the day, a fun reef break across from our bungalows at Playa Chiquita. Rent boards from the lodge or take surf lessons from experienced local surfers. 

*Hiking - Indulge deeper into Ecotourism by getting out into the untouched nature this area has to offer by hiking through the rainforest or along the beaches of Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge or Cahuita National Park. We highly recommend spending the day with an experienced local guide for an informative and unforgettable hike through one of these spectacular areas of Costa Rica.

*Snorkeling, Diving - Rent snorkel gear from the lodge and explore the amazing coral reefs where you’ll find angelfish, parrot fish and over 500 other species in the crystal blue waters. For a closer look, dive down with experienced dive masters. The lodge can arrange dive trips that include top of the line gear and offer open water courses for first-timers.

*Horseback Riding - Enjoy the breathtaking views from atop these wonderful, gentle creatures while you make your way around the Costa Rican Rainforest. All levels welcome. 

*Animal Rescue Centre - The area is home to an animal refuge which works to protect and rehabilitate injured or orphaned animals. This can be a great rainy day activity. The Jaguar Rescue Center takes in large jungle cats, monkeys and also has a serpentarium where you learn about Costa Rica’s snakes. Your visit can be combined with a visit to a indigenous chocolate production house where you’ll see the process of making chocolate from plant all the way to tasty treat. 

*Bike Riding - Pick up your wheels from the lodge and cruise the coastal road that stretches all the way down to Manzanillo and up to Puerto Viejo. Check out the hidden beaches of Punta Uva or explore the local markets in Puerto Viejo, either way bikes are the best way to get around.

*Kayaking - Paddle out to discover the hidden rainforest creeks, tropical lagoons and mighty rivers all nestled away in the Manzanillo Refuge. Whether you want a relaxing cruise through the jungle or an adrenaline-filled ride on the rolling wave of Punta Uva, Tierra lodge can arrange your memorable trip.

*Costa Rican Cultural Visits, Bribri Culture - In the true spirit of ecotourism visit the Kekoldi Indigenous Reservation and experience the unique culture and tradition of Costa Rica’s original inhabitants. The Bribri natives live on this reservation and welcome visitors to explore their lush environment and learn about their people. 


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