Tierra de Suenos Lodge & Wellness Center

The Tierra de Suenos Lodge & Wellness Center is located in Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica. A serene and lush jungle hideaway on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Thier powerful evidence-based programs have been carefully designed to facilitate in each client’s inward journey towards optimal functioning and health through the symbiotic balance of mind, body and spirit. It is thier true belief that when balance exists, disease cannot.

Enjoy a 100% Organic & Eco touristic Stay at Tierra

Tierra de Suenos Lodge & Wellness Center has firmly established themselves as a leader in ecotourism and organic, raw living. You may be wondering why choose ecotourism? Why choose Costa Rica? What can you expect to experience? What is ecotourism anyways? First we invite you to

-> Read what ecotourism is all about

-> Read about the Eco-commitment

-> See thier Costa Rica Bungalows

-> Explore all the things you can do during your stay

-> Learn the history of Puerto Viejo

Your 100% organic stay will include all of your toiletries, linens, soaps, shampoos, cleaning products, foods, juices, teas and coffees. Tierra is a full wellness center and your stay will mean you can not only have a relaxing vacation but one where you can detox, de-stress, learn and eat raw live cuisine and enjoy a clean, clear environment.

Juturna Water Purifications System

Tierra de Suenos is one of the only lodges and wellness centers in Costa Rica that offers the Juturna water purification system. What does this mean? It means you can now enjoy a crisp clear drink of water right out of the tap. Your shower will be free of any water intoxications and you can sleep with ease knowing your linens have been also cleaned leaving all bacteria aside! This is a MUST have ins Costa Rica!!

Can you imagine yourself here? We offer cozy bungalows nestled in exotic tropical gardens. The resort sits between the pristine Costa Rican beaches of Playa Chiquita and spectacular rainforest. Enjoy Tierra de Suenso Lodge's personalized service and beautiful facilities. Enjoy a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. For many others looking to experience ecotourism, Costa Rica has been their top choice. We invite you to make it yours. Paradise awaits!


Register Now

$1950.00 includes all travel within the adventure, all taxes and all this stuff »


- All taxes
- Accommodation for your entire retreat
- Daily Fresh, organic, and as locally sourced as possible meals for the entire duration of the retreat
- An amazing beach across the street (Playa Chiquita)
- Daily yoga by Brea Johnson
- New friends, new connections, and the space to create a new healthy relationship with yourself
- Very clean and mineralized water from the Juturna water purification system
- Beach day and kayak adventure at Punta Uva
- Bike ride to Manzanillo National Park
- Day trip to a near by waterfall
- Peace and quiet
- Free time to reflect, nap, enjoy the jungle + beaches


- Activities + excursions outside of the resort
- Airport pick up and dropoff (Shuttle to resort is around $60 USD.)